one-pan zoodle shrimp pad thai

GLUTEN-FREE | PESCETARIAN | CAN BE DAIRY-FREE | CAN BE PALEO* What a week! I returned from a trip on Monday night, and have been go-go-go ever since. Adulting, as they say, is hard. With little sleep and a full workload, my body is desperately craving comfort food (read: carbs). But after an indulgent trip,… Continue reading one-pan zoodle shrimp pad thai

snow day soup: tom kha gai

PALEO | WHOLE30 | DAIRY-FREE Time from start to finish: 45 minutes Difficulty level: easy peasy I’ve lived in Nashville for almost five years now, and I swear — every time the snow falls, it’s declared a “snowpocalypse.” At this point, I’m a snowpocalypse pro. I have a whole routine: wake up, make pancakes, wear pjs… Continue reading snow day soup: tom kha gai