ordering paleo at: chipotle 

Oh, ‘potle. It’s dependably tasty, quick, and basically everywhere now. Sure, the guac is extra, but they don’t cheat you on it. They cool.  When Chipotle first blew up, people thought it was THE healthy thing, no matter how you ordered. You could do no wrong at Chipotle (I mean, they don’t have fries!). As far… Continue reading ordering paleo at: chipotle 

how to become famous for your guacamole

I think it’s hilarious how much guac is misunderstood. The best guac isn’t complicated, and it’s definitely not hard to make well. It’s a humble little dish, with a handful of complimentary ingredients that join hands and SING in a brilliant symphony of chunky, tangy goodness. There are two (maybe three) secrets to making exceptional guacamole:… Continue reading how to become famous for your guacamole