migraine mac and cheese

Oh my goodness it’s been a while. It’s me, migraine. Maja’s here too, somewhere. She might be in the other room trying to use the dog as an eyeshade. Greetings from the other side of a weeklong migraine! Wisdom teeth surgery recovery did not go quite as smoothly as I originally thought it would, so I found myself… Continue reading migraine mac and cheese

lentil-potato soup, aka wisdom teeth

 GLUTEN-FREE | CAN BE DAIRY-FREE* | CAN BE VEGETARIAN** I’ve been running from it for a few years now, but it’s finally time: I’m getting my wisdom teeth out this week. Gasp. The timing makes sense: I’m currently trying to rest my knee, so I’m spending my nights binge-watching Breaking Bad and taking Epsom salt… Continue reading lentil-potato soup, aka wisdom teeth

paleo banana protein pancakes for the weekend

PALEO | GLUTEN-FREE | DAIRY-FREE* Although I’m usually not a sweet breakfast person, I got a hankering for some banana pancakes when we were grabbing groceries late Friday night. The store had some really ripe bananas. Realizing they’d probably be tossed out in the morning, I decided to be the #producehero and save them from such… Continue reading paleo banana protein pancakes for the weekend

6-ingredient summery shrimp & potato dinner

PALEO | WHOLE30 | DAIRY-FREE | GLUTEN-FREE At any given moment, I have at least one ingredient obsession. This time last summer, it was figs (let’s be honest, it’s always figs). A few weeks ago, it was tahini. Right now, it’s this spice mix made by East Nashville Spice Company. I’m usually not a huge spice mix fan… Continue reading 6-ingredient summery shrimp & potato dinner

all about (grass-fed) butter

During a lunchtime conversation with my wonderful coworkers, the topic of butter came up. There were tons of perspectives. One friend never keeps butter in the house, another didn’t really know the difference between conventional and grass-fed butter (and I realized that I struggled to articulate the benefits to her). Meanwhile… I have three separate storage… Continue reading all about (grass-fed) butter

8 no-cook grocery staples for desperate times

Sometimes busy, stressful weeks just creep up on us. In these times, it’s easy to get desperate and give up on health entirely. You’re tired, you’re hungry, and you don’t have the energy to cook, much less think about eating healthy. All you really want is for a pizza and a bottle of wine to be… Continue reading 8 no-cook grocery staples for desperate times