the easiest thanksgiving side dishes ever

Our Thanksgiving plans are exciting: Everyone’s coming to Nashvegas! My parents and Alex’s family will be joining us for a few days of eating, exploring the city, and more eating. ❤ We’re also hosting two furry friends while our neighbors are out of town. Everyone, meet Flash and Django: Luckily, our families are cool. Really… Continue reading the easiest thanksgiving side dishes ever

migraine mac and cheese

Oh my goodness it’s been a while. It’s me, migraine. Maja’s here too, somewhere. She might be in the other room trying to use the dog as an eyeshade. Greetings from the other side of a weeklong migraine! Wisdom teeth surgery recovery did not go quite as smoothly as I originally thought it would, so I found myself… Continue reading migraine mac and cheese

greek/isreali kale salad of dreams, and a fun pizza hack

The last few weeks, I’ve been in produce paradise, thanks to my CSA (read more about what a CSA is here). Side note: Apparently, being part of a CSA is a lot like the stereotype given to vegans and Crossfitters — you talk about it. A lot. ANYWAY — This week, the half-bushel included this beautiful, dark kale. I… Continue reading greek/isreali kale salad of dreams, and a fun pizza hack

southern greens, aka CSA love

IT’S FINALLY HERE. By it, I obviously mean the CSA (community-supported agriculture) season. I’ve been talking about this for months, and it’s finally here. SQUEAL! CSAs are a way for consumers to buy local, seasonal produce directly from a farmer in their community. Essentially, you pay for a share of a farm for a season. A farmer offers a certain… Continue reading southern greens, aka CSA love

herby bourbon bar nuts, aka party tricks (and an ode to trader joe’s)

Friday night, our friends came over for a steak. My man friend has become a bit of a steak expert, using a French immersion circulator, or sous vide, to bring them to a perfect pink internal temperature before searing them on a cast iron skillet to create a beautiful crust. Drool.  With him focused on the… Continue reading herby bourbon bar nuts, aka party tricks (and an ode to trader joe’s)

how to become famous for your guacamole

I think it’s hilarious how much guac is misunderstood. The best guac isn’t complicated, and it’s definitely not hard to make well. It’s a humble little dish, with a handful of complimentary ingredients that join hands and SING in a brilliant symphony of chunky, tangy goodness. There are two (maybe three) secrets to making exceptional guacamole:… Continue reading how to become famous for your guacamole

pan-seared salmon with cucumber-yogurt salad (mizeria)

PESCETARIAN | GLUTEN-FREE My hilarious coworker, who we call “Moose”, has a hydroponic herb garden, which seems to always be overflowing with fresh herbs. I’m one of the lucky recipients of the overflow, and I guard my herby gifts with my life. He brings it into the office and places it in a secret hiding place… Continue reading pan-seared salmon with cucumber-yogurt salad (mizeria)

turkish bulgur salad

VEGETARIAN | CAN BE GLUTEN-FREE* Veggie lovers, rejoice. This Turkish bulgur salad was a surprise win, created because of two factors: My pantry is officially stuffed to the max, so I wanted to use up some stuff (bulgur, roasted red peppers). We had some leftover slow-cooked lamb, so I was feeling very Mediterranean. Bulgur is… Continue reading turkish bulgur salad

sunrise cauliflower

VEGETARIAN | GLUTEN-FREE | DAIRY-FREE | PALEO | WHOLE30 Time from start to finish: 30 minutes Difficulty level: easy peasy One of my closest friends and (what luck!) co-workers got me hooked on Mel Joulwan’s (of Well Fed) Sunrise Spice. I’ve used it on lots of things, but there’s something about the sweet, spiced flavor that pairs… Continue reading sunrise cauliflower