kale and brussels sprout salad, aka the power of massage

GLUTEN-FREE | VEGETARIAN You may have noticed — there are people who claim kale is their spirit animal, and then there are people who just don’t understand the hoopla. (These people say things like, “Yeah, well, mustard greens have more [insert obscure vitamin] than kale.”) To those people I say, listen: kale is and forever will be… Continue reading kale and brussels sprout salad, aka the power of massage

paleo deviled eggs, aka easter lessons

how do you easter? We never really celebrated Easter in the traditional way in our house. For one, we were never home – our volleyball team always played in a tournament in New Orleans during Easter weekend. Before volleyball, I have vague memories of my mom putting my sister and me into traditional Polish garb… Continue reading paleo deviled eggs, aka easter lessons

turkish bulgur salad

VEGETARIAN | CAN BE GLUTEN-FREE* Veggie lovers, rejoice. This Turkish bulgur salad was a surprise win, created because of two factors: My pantry is officially stuffed to the max, so I wanted to use up some stuff (bulgur, roasted red peppers). We had some leftover slow-cooked lamb, so I was feeling very Mediterranean. Bulgur is… Continue reading turkish bulgur salad

10-minute taco salad, aka weeknights

GLUTEN-FREE | CAN BE VEGETARIAN* | CAN BE PALEO/WHOLE30** My approach to cooking is very different on weekdays vs. weekends. On weekends, I love taking my time, dirtying a stupid amount of pots and pans, continuously delaying dinner with my whimsy. During the week, by the time I get home from work I’m usually already a… Continue reading 10-minute taco salad, aka weeknights

classic italian meat-a-balls

CAN BE GLUTEN-FREE* It all started with the sauce. My mom’s friend Stacy makes this incredible pasta sauce. The perfectly ripened tomatoes and sweet basil just shine, miraculously enough, without added sugar. It’s so good, it sent me on an epic quest to make the classic meatball. During this time, after several iterations of this recipe, I discovered a few… Continue reading classic italian meat-a-balls

asian cold noodle salad, aka using the basket ingredients

VEGETARIAN | GLUTEN-FREE | DAIRY-FREE Time from start to finish: 20-25 minutes Difficulty level: easy peasy In my kitchen, my proudest moments come when I am able to be truly resourceful: take leftovers, combine them with things in my pantry and fridge, and create something entirely new and unexpected. It makes me feel like I’m… Continue reading asian cold noodle salad, aka using the basket ingredients