blackened fish tacos with cabbage slaw

I have a love/hate relationship with the concept of Taco Tuesday. On one hand, a weekly day dedicated to the consumption of one of my favorite food groups (see below) is a godsend. Side note:¬†My Favorite Food Groups: Mexican (learn about my favorite healthy Mexican dishes here) Crispy skin (duck, salmon, pork, chicken — in… Continue reading blackened fish tacos with cabbage slaw

one-pan zoodle shrimp pad thai

GLUTEN-FREE | PESCETARIAN | CAN BE DAIRY-FREE | CAN BE PALEO* What a week! I returned from a trip on Monday night, and have been go-go-go ever since. Adulting, as they say, is hard. With little sleep and a full workload, my body is desperately craving comfort food (read: carbs). But after an indulgent trip,… Continue reading one-pan zoodle shrimp pad thai

pan-seared salmon with cucumber-yogurt salad (mizeria)

PESCETARIAN | GLUTEN-FREE My hilarious¬†coworker, who we call “Moose”, has a hydroponic herb garden, which seems to always be overflowing with fresh herbs. I’m one of the lucky recipients of the overflow, and I guard my herby gifts with my life. He brings it into the office and places it in a secret hiding place… Continue reading pan-seared salmon with cucumber-yogurt salad (mizeria)

baked salmon pouches, aka cinderella

GLUTEN-FREE | PALEO | CAN BE WHOLE30* Time from start to finish: 30 minutes Difficult level: easy peasy Oh, life hacking. These salmon pouches look and taste fancy, but making them requires zero skill or motivation. On any random Tuesday, this is precisely the kind of cooking I am in the mood for. I want… Continue reading baked salmon pouches, aka cinderella