paleo banana protein pancakes for the weekend

PALEO | GLUTEN-FREE | DAIRY-FREE* Although I’m usually not a sweet breakfast person, I got a hankering for some banana pancakes when we were grabbing groceries late Friday night. The store had some really ripe bananas. Realizing they’d probably be tossed out in the morning, I decided to be the #producehero and save them from such… Continue reading paleo banana protein pancakes for the weekend

green goodness bowl with crispy polenta cakes, aka springtime

VEGETARIAN | GLUTEN-FREE | CAN BE DAIRY-FREE* Ever since my mom bought me these shallow, wide bowls from Pier 1, I’ve been obsessed with creating beautiful “bowl meals”. You take a handful of ingredients, treat them simply and with respect, and arrange them into a colorful bowl of health. This is a great way to turn… Continue reading green goodness bowl with crispy polenta cakes, aka springtime

paleo deviled eggs, aka easter lessons

how do you easter? We never really celebrated Easter in the traditional way in our house. For one, we were never home – our volleyball team always played in a tournament in New Orleans during Easter weekend. Before volleyball, I have vague memories of my mom putting my sister and me into traditional Polish garb… Continue reading paleo deviled eggs, aka easter lessons

3-ingredient paleo sweet potato latkes

PALEO | WHOLE30 | VEGETARIAN | DAIRY-FREE | GLUTEN-FREE Time start to finish: 25 minutes Difficulty: medium (just don’t hurt yourself slicing!) Serves: 2-4, depending on hunger level These sweet little latkes have become a bit of a Sunday tradition, ever since we learned how to safely use a mandolin slicer. I say “we” —… Continue reading 3-ingredient paleo sweet potato latkes

prosciutto-wrapped asparagus bundles with hollandaise

PALEO | GLUTEN-FREE Now that you know how to make hollandaise, you’re probably feeling ready to take on the world. (I don’t blame you.) Thing is — you can’t (I mean you can, but you probably shouldn’t) just eat hollandaise by itself. You need a vehicle with which you can transport that liquid gold from… Continue reading prosciutto-wrapped asparagus bundles with hollandaise

hollandaise, aka fancypantsing

SPLURGE | VEGETARIAN | PALEO | GLUTEN-FREE Time from start to finish: 20 minutes Difficulty level: medium The first time I made hollandaise for my boyfriend, I served it with these fancypantsy roasted artichokes. From the look on his face, I could tell he was equally impressed and horrified — how do you eat artichokes like… Continue reading hollandaise, aka fancypantsing

challah french toast, aka TGIF

SPLURGE | VEGETARIAN Time from start to finish: 30 minutes (20 for soaking and 10 for cooking) Difficult level: easy peasy I love challah. I love picking it up on a Friday, after a long week of work. I love schmearing grass-fed butter all over it, sprinkling coarse sea salt on top, and shoving it… Continue reading challah french toast, aka TGIF