healthy margaritas

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Let’s talk about the official drink of the day: Margaritas. Margaritas are freaking delicious but they’re full of two evils: sugar and calories. Bad news bears. Sugar + alcohol = hangover, not to mention oodles of unnecessary calories that would be better spent on some heart-healthy guac.

Whether you’re hosting your own fiesta or you didn’t realize it was Cinco de Mayo until you saw this post, here are some ideas for delicious, clean margaritas that won’t make your Friday morning suck.

click here to see my favorite healthy marg recipes!

I hand-picked these recipes for their creative use of freshly-squeezed fruit juice, coconut water, kombucha, and other real foods to create refreshing, tropical flavors.

My wonderful friend Tapper shared some locally-made kombucha with me this week, so I think I’ll have to try the kombucha margarita.

The fiesta continues for me next week: I’ll be posting from MEXICO! Stay tuned for healthy travel tips, paleo Mexican recipes, and pictures of me kissing animals.

comment below!

What are your favorite margarita recipes? What kind of paleo Mexican recipes would you like to see? Let’s chat. 🙂


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