what’s in season in march?


Lots of exciting things happening this month.

First, it’s getting warm! Finally. Already this month, I’ve been able to play beach volleyball, hike, and sit outside in a swimsuitIt’s been a good first half of March. Keep it up, second half!

Second, St. Patricks Day is coming up, which is appropriate considering how many vegetables currently in season are shamrock-green: asparagus, avocado, Brussels sprouts, arugula…

Finally, my birthday is next weekend. I’m so grateful for the last year — since my last birthday, I graduated college, got my wonderful job, moved into my very own apartment, found the most beautiful love, got closer to my family, traveled all over, started this blog… It’s been a whirlwind. My birthday wish is just that things stay this beautiful.

I can’t wait to see what 23 has in store for me!

Screenshot 2016-03-09 15.54.11

Here are a few recipes for some of those delightful early spring veggies.


asparagus: prosciutto-wrapped asparagus bundles with hollandaise

Screenshot 2016-03-08 12.28.44.png

avocado: nacho ordinary avocado toast


brussels sprouts: coconut oil brussels sprouts


greens: lemony arugula salad


sweet potatoes: 3-ingredient paleo sweet potato latkes


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